The symptoms of sport injuries vary from moderate symptoms to painful one. This implies that this term covers a massive spectrum of conditions that prevail from sport injuries. These injuries are caused by physical activities and strenuous activities for the participants of these sporting activities. On the other hand, there are various effective ways of treating and diagnosing injuries that are related to sports. The most common ways of treating injuries related to sports are icing and resting on the affected areas. However, the concerned physicians need to be consulted in the soonest time possible if the management of the condition does not seem to improve and the associated symptoms do not seem to lessen. A variety of choices with regards to treatment of sport injuries are available. These choices help in reducing pain and supporting the healing process. Some of the common treatment options available include Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Injections, Epidural Steroid Injections, Chiropractic Care, Medication management and Diagnostic Injections.